Kian Wind – Miluju Tě

Wonderful Jaw Harp Music

„Beautiful jaw harp music, sometimes soft, sometimes powerful. Often psychedelic meditative and shamanistically tranced. Kian Wind plays different jaw harps looped and polyrhythmically virtuosically layered on each other. The sounds are garnished by the skilful use of suitable effect devices, samples and the use of sounds of human voice. The result is beautiful jaw harp tracks that are also excellently produced and mastered.“

This is written on the cover backside:
„On the album I used 12 Jaw Harps from India, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany & Nepal. In the third song, I used a flute from Vietnam. For live performances I use: Loopstation EHX 720, Boss Delay, Nux Time Core, DT Digidelay, Boss Chorus, Boss Flanger, Mooer Auto Wah, DT Dirty Robot. The sounds are from all parts of the universe and were assembled in 2018/19 in Leipzig Lindenau in Germany. Recorded at the Hannes Scheffler Studio in Halle Germany, 2019. Made on Earth“

Track List:
01. Lovesong (ft. Marja Fritze)
02. Street Indigenous (Valpo)
03. The Way Is Gone (Meditation)
04. Catania Volcanic City (Sicilia)
05. Minnelied (KLand)
06. Miluju Tě (Universe)

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Kian Wind – Lovesong/ Album „Miliju Tè“  (english lyrics on youtube)




NEW ALBUM „Kid Covid 2020“ Release 09.16.2020 on Bandcamp…. Release Party 09.12.2020 Leipzig



CD „Kid Covid 2020“ 8,-

Diese Arbeit wurde unterstützt durch die Kultustiftung Sachsen 2020