This song was finished in July 2019 in Catania. I was at the Marranzano World Fest and played a concert. A very old city. Very hot on the streets, hot wind. One night, I was alone in my room, the windows wide open, I heard the Etna. A deep tone. He was breathing. I came back and recorded the song in the studio. I used 3 harps from Hungary and India. He is on the CD „Miluju Te“. The release is on September 27.09.2019 20.00 Noch Besser Leben in Leipzig. Use headphones. Recorded @ Hannes Scheffler Studio Halle/ Artwork: Ochsworks/ Foto: Jörg Singer/ MakeUp: Jasmina Kulosa/ SLOW SOUNDSYSTEM 2019



The song „Street Indigenous “ was completed in Leipzig at the beginning of 2019. Graffiti/Streetart is deep in my heart. I have good memories. I walk through the world like I do through a gallery and add something from time to time. The images in the video are all photographed in Valparaiso. The song was recorded at the Hannes Scheffler Studio Halle.



This song was born on a summer night in 2018, in a small room in Lindenau. I played it on 3 concerts. 2 months I was on the way to work for money and learn. I met a lot of love and pain, tears and kisses. I was in a place where many sick human children are getting well or die. There was a lot of deep love. On the balcony, I took with my phone a lullaby for warriors with Marja Fritze. On the 23rd of September I recorded the song in the Hannes Scheffler (Zombie Joe/ Baby Universal/ Wenzel Band) Studio Halle. It worked in the first take. Everything was recorded with 6 mouth harps from Nepal, Russia, Ukraine, Germany. I used a loop, delay, chorus.



In 2016 I recorded the CD „Spiritual Trips“ in Valparaiso and in the Atacama Desert (Chile). Before I recorded the song „Atacama Desert“, I wrote a poem to prepare myself. The song „Atacama“ takes 30 minutes and can be found on Soundcloud. Soundcloud: Kian Wind Atacama Desert




Before I traveled to the desert of Atacama, I spent a long time at Hostel Maria in Val Paraiso. I played a concert there and could live there for a while for free. I took my song to this little room number 7. Relax ..



This CD „Spiritual Trips“ was recorded 2016 in Chile. It is a Harp trip from the sea in Valparaiso in the desert of the Atacama. The CD is 70 minutes.

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2014-2016 schrieb ich unter dem Pseudonym Pepe New das Buch „Weites Meer“ . Ich arbeitete in Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Santiago de Chile. Illustriert von dem leipziger Künstler Andre Martini. Ein Klappentext von Carola Pohle:

Getrieben von Wut, von Trauer, von innerer Leere und einer unbekannten Sehnsucht wird Pepe zum Wanderer zwischen den Welten – Welten, die verschiedener nicht sein können, zum Teil fast im Jenseits liegen, und ihn allesamt nicht wirklich glücklich machen. Er befindet sich auf der Reise – einer Reise zu sich selbst, die Flucht ist und Odyssee und er gerät dabei in Strudel, die ihn runterziehen – letztlich bis in die Tiefen des Meeres.

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The New Album „Miluju Te“ 60 min Psychodelic Jaw Harp


Kian Wind Miluju Te CD