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Kian Wind – Miluju Tě (2019)

„Beautiful jaw harp music, sometimes soft, sometimes powerful. Often psychedelic meditative and shamanistically tranced. Kian Wind plays different jaw harps looped and polyrhythmically virtuosically layered on each other. The sounds are garnished by the skilful use of suitable effect devices, samples and the use of sounds of human voice. The result is beautiful jaw harp tracks that are also excellently produced and mastered.“

Track List:
01. Lovesong (ft. Marja Fritze)
02. Street Indigenous (Valpo)
03. The Way Is Gone (Meditation)
04. Catania Volcanic City (Sicilia)
05. Minnelied (KLand)
06. Miluju Tě (Universe)

You can order the CD in HQ Sound here. SALE!


The song Inskopia from the new Album „The Warrior“ , live in Saxon Switzerland/ Elbsandsteingebirge. Video by i forgot. Production 2022

Nature Sound

Dear people from the earth floating through our universe, past the moon, jupiter and venus, the earth that loves us no matter what we do. I floated through this world for centuries, listened to every bird, every tree, I went to sea by ship and heard what the sea said to me. you are worth nothing And I looked at the sea and said you’re so beautiful. I have been dealing intensively with music for 30 years, from punk to healing sounds, for many years I have visited shamans all over the world who gave me some of their knowledge along the way. It was very dangerous to deal with. It killed me too. When I came back to life, I lost my partially forced human nature. All my life I play for myself, for god and my friends. I never gave anything in response to aplaus. And all the more I understood that to play what God speaks to me. I am very grateful to Steev Kindwald for gently supervising this work, which is important to me.

Ein Interview von Andi Rietschel mit Kian Wind über die Möglichkeiten als Musiker in Corona Zeiten (18. Mai 2021):

Jaw Harps and other instruments at danmoi-shop. Page in German and English.

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